Jucky Carter Character Analysis

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Shawn Corey Carter, better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is quite the success story. Carter faced hard times as a child growing up in a single parent home located in drug infested Brooklyn, New York but was able to defy the odds and become a multimillionaire entrepreneurship and a huge hip-hop mogul in today’s society. Not everyone would be able to climb a latter of this magnitude in one lifetime; this takes a special type of individual. One must possess certain qualities and specific character traits to accomplish as much as he has. One cannot achieve such greatness without being asked the secret to his success. In a fairly recent interview Carter revealed his secrets and a few tips he has picked up along the way. A strong mentality is crucial when determined to make it to the top. A good work ethic is necessary when trying to maintain any job but when attempting to…show more content…
Finally, business savvy is key to Jay’s multimillionaire status. This amazing business mind of his began to develop as a young, child drug dealer. He learned how to promote and manage a business and how to make sales. These adult lessons learned as a young child were applied differently and are the reason for a great deal of Jay’s success. Jay pursued his passion of rapping and made a small fortune. He then turned this fortune into a multimillionaire empire by expanding his brand. After becoming a successful rapper, Jay took it further and started his very own record label so that he could help put on new talent, as well as, challenge himself as a manager. After achieving high success through his record level, Jay began a clothing line, Rocawear. Roca wear was a highly successful clothing line but has lost appeal as trends have changed. After success in fashion, Carter moved to the nightlife sector opening a nightclub in New York called the 40/40 Club. Again, he achieved major success and was able to open multiple
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