Judaism And Christianity Similarities

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Christianity and Judaism are similar and different in many ways. Christianity has a close relationship with Judaism, both historically and theologically. Jesus’ family followed Jewish customs and Jesus frequently quoted the Hebrew Bible. The first Christian council, convened by the apostles, concluded that pagan converts to Christianity did not have to follow Jewish ritual laws. Today, theological disagreements between Christians and Jews remain, but greater understandings and respect between the two great faiths.( Christianity and Judaism)
Christianity was founded in c.30 CE in Palestine. Jesus, Peter, and Paul were the early leaders. Christianity’s major locations today are Europe, North and South America. Their sacred text is the Bible.
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Christians also believe that Jesus Christ is the second person of the Trinity and born of the Virgin Mary. The Jews believe that Jesus Christ is and ordinary Jew, not the Messiah. Christian’s beliefs on sin is that we inherit through our common ancestor Adam, who rebelled against God. Christ was atoned for our sings through his death on the Cross (Romans 5:12-17). Jews on the other hand doesn’t believe in the original sin. They believe in just praying and asking for forgiveness. Hell is a place of everlasting punishment for the unrighteous (Matthew 25:46) is what the Christians believe. Jews believe when you die you may suffer a temporary punishment. (The World Almanac and Book of…show more content…
Judaism also teaches that the purpose of Torah is to teach how to act correctly. Some also believe that the Torah is commanding the Jews to believe in God. Christians teach that God also wants you to perform good works, but that alone is not enough to lead to salvation. Many Jewish scholars and theologians, understands Judaism as a religion of love, says Bloom. It says that he argues that one can understand the Hebrew concept of love only by looking at one of the core commandments of Judaism, Leviticus 19:18, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. ( Jewish theology of love and Great Commandment) For Martin Buber, Judaism and Christianity were variations on the same theme of messianism. Buber made this theme the basis of a famous definition of the tension between Judaism and Christianity: Pre-messianically, our destinies are divided. Now to the Christian, the Jew is the incomprehensibly obdurate man who declines to see what has happened; and to the Jew, the Christian is the incomprehensibly daring man who affirms in an unredeemed world that its redemption has been accomplished. This is a gulf which no human power can bridge. [42]
So there is many different things, and many similar things between the Jews and Christians. They both have the same God, the same promises from the Bible, the desire to have a relationship with God. They also include a common heritage and views Old Testament. Out of all of the religions
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