Judaism Vs Baptist Essay

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In healthcare it is important to know what the religions are and their specific beliefs, traditions, and cultures. Most religions will differ in their beliefs and traditions; therefore it is important to learn what different religions are like and what their beliefs, traditions, and cultures are. Most people only know about a few different religions like what their religion is, or what their best friends religion is. But most people don’t even know the religion of the person sitting right next to them. So in this paper I will talk about the differences between Baptist, Hinduism, and Judaism. Baptist (Christian)- Most people believe Baptist came into existence in England in the seventeenth century. Nobody really knows who brought Baptist into…show more content…
They believe a person should never die alone. The person’s body who has just passed is ritually cleaned after they die. They may bury the dead before sundown on the day the person died and usually within 24 hours. An autopsy may be performed only when law requires one. An organ donation can be done only after the consultation with a rabbi. Unlike Hinduism Judaism forbids cremation. Healthcare beliefs of Judaism- They can refuse surgical procedures or diagnostic tests on Sabbath or holy days. The family may want to surgically remove body parts before burying the body. They do a ritual handwashing when the wake up and before the eat a meal. Special symbols, books, and religious practices of Judaism- The Lord God Jehovah is one. The day Sabbath is from the sunset of Friday to the sunset on Saturday. Sabbath is also devoted to prayer, study and rest. Torah, which is 5 books of Moses, is the basis of religion. The Rabbi is the spiritual leader. The Star of David is the symbol of Judaism. They fast, which means they don’t eat or drink at all during some holy day. In conclusion, it is very important to know what the religions are and their specific beliefs, traditions, and cultures
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