Jude Zamperini Character Analysis

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Character analysis of Louie Zamperini Louis Zamperini was born in Olean,New York but was raised in Torrance,California. Louis then volunteered for World war II and was a bombardier but on a rescue mission he and crewmates crashed into the pacific ocean.During his time on a raft in the middle of the ocean he had to survive for 47 days and find food and water.Then he was captured by the japanese until the end of world war II getting beat and attacked.In the book Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand uses the life experiences of Louie Zamperini to show the traits of Forgiving and Determained. Throughout the book it shows louie is a forgiving person.An example for this is when Mac eats all the chocolate and louie forgave him because he knew that he did…show more content…
Now the vengeful urge no longer had sure footing.’’(230) This shows Louie being a forgiving person because he was beaten and almost killed by this man and now doesn't want to.Louie’s life experiences throughout the book show that he is a forgiving person. A second trait that Louie shows throughout the book is that he is a determined person. An example of this is when Louie grabbed the albatross and was getting pecked at but never let go and then broke the albatrosses neck. The book states, “Slowly,slowly Louie his raised hand,fingers open,then clamped down on the bird's legs.The bird pecked frantically,slashing Louie's knuckles.Louie grabbed its head and broke its neck.’’(113) This shows Louie is a determined person because even though he was getting pecked at he knew this was a his only chance for survival.Another example of Louie being a determined person is when Louie is the custodian for the pig and eats the leftovers from the pig and also its feces.The book states”Now he was condemned to crawl through the filth of a pig’s sty, picking up feces with his bare hands and cramming handfuls of the animal’s feed into his mouth to save himself from starving to death.’’(206)Another example of Louie being a determined person is when “The bird” asked him to hold the 6 foot beam and if he lowered his arms he would be jabbed with a gun.The book states”The Bird called a guard over. If the prisoner lowers his arms, the Bird told him, hit him with your gun. The Bird walked to a nearby shack, climbed on the roof, and settled in to watch.Louie stood in the sun, holding up the beam. The Bird stretched over the roof like a contented cat,calling to the Japanese who walked by, pointing to Louie and laughing. Louie locked his eyes on the Bird’s face, radiating hatred.Several minutes passed. Louie stood, eyes on the Bird. The beam felt heavier and heavier, the pain more intense. The Bird watched Louie, amused by his
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