Judge Miller's Narrative Fiction

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At 9:33 p.m., the night of Buck’s disappearance, Judge Miller came in the two-stories mansion, to the living room to read the today’s newspaper. He noticed there was something not thats right in his mansion, but there was a missing dog, which is Buck. Judge Miller looked everywhere in his mansion and his woody property. Toots and Ysabel were still in the kitchen, the maids were sweeping the the black and white pattern tiles in the the same room with them. Judge Miller asked the maids where is Buck and they did not answer. He quickly grab the Bell telephone on the tan kitchen wall to call the police to come his mansion. “Hello, is this the emergency call.”, asked the police station receptionist. “Hello, this is Judge Miller, my dog, Buck is missing.”, said Judge Miller. “The police is on the way to your mansion” “Thank you for your help” “You’re welcome,sir.” Judge Miller hung his Bell telephone and prayed and beg for Buck to come back home.…show more content…
Judge Miller answer the door and his face was red orange because his dog, Buck, who was gone. The police examined around his mansion for any clues, yet they noticed that there was a missing dog. Judge Miller was frightening and his hands were tingling. The police is going to open the case to find Buck. Judge Miller describes Buck. “Buck is a strong husky.”,said Judge Miller. Next day, Judge Miller was late to his job at Santa Clara Courthouse, his tears were dripping from his eyes. He missed Buck very much, and he witted that the lost dog posters were everywhere in the courthouse and on the buildings, which is his first plan to do. He never have this experiment and a nightmare that Buck is gone. The Santa Clara Police have meeting at 9:00 at sharp in the conference room. In the conference room, it have sixteen feet ceiling , the walls were painted red with white stripes, and a long rectangle table with wooden swiveling
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