Judgement In Frankenstein

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In the fiction novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, the Creature that Victor Frankenstein created was originally good at heart. When he was first brought to life he had good intentions and just wanted to be loved. Although, the Creation sought acceptance from humans, he soon realized he looked monstrous and no one would ever care for him. Many humans look at him disapprovingly, and, they judged him without knowing his kind heart. The judgmental humans are what lead to the Creature 's downfall. Victor wanted to play the role of God and be a creator of a new species. He took life into his hands and was amazed but scared of the outcome (35). Victor was so happy that all of his hard work had paid off and that the creature was alive, but, at the…show more content…
So, he ran away and found a small shack where he stays (74). He admires a family who lives near. His wish is to become a part of this family, and, he doesn 't want them to judge him for being so ugly. He knows he can 't approach the Delacy family because they will be scared of him, so, he takes everything slowly. He first started collecting wood for the family as a small gift of generosity. He also wants the family to think he is kind once they actually meet him. On top of kind deeds for the Delacy family, the Creature begins to learn their language (77). He hears them talking to each other and learns a few words here and there. Also, while he is spying on this family he realizes that the old man who lives in the house is blind. So, he decides the old man is the one he must approach first (94-94). The Creature knows that the old man won 't judge him for his outer appearance, so, he goes to talk with the old blind man when the others are out of the house. He has spent so much time watching these people and learning their language, and, he is very dependent on his plan to work so he can be accepted by humans. His plan works, but, then Felix and the rest of the Delacy family return while he is still in the presence of the old man. Felix beats him up. The Creature leaves in despair realizing all the time and effort he had wasted (96). This is the second account of Victor 's creation being rejected by…show more content…
Victor hears the news of his brother 's death. He knows that his Creation is the one that had killed William. So, he finds the Creature and confronts him but instead of trying to destroy the Creature, he ends up agreeing to create a companion for the Creature who he already made (107). Victor agrees because he is afraid of the Creature. The Creature promises to leave forever if Victor makes a girl for him. However, Victor does not follow through with his promise. He sees the Monster staring at him through the window as he is making the female, and, he destroys all of his work (121). Victor thinks of all the bad that the "daemon" and his companion could do. He decides he cannot complete his project. The Creature just did not want to be alone forever, but, Victor destroyed his lifelong partner. This is the last straw for the Creature, and, he is so upset he kills Henry Clerval, Victor 's best friend (129). A little while after killing Clerval, the Creature kills Elizabeth too, Victor 's wife (144). Victor was destroyed emotionally, which is what the
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