Judgement In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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How often should we judge, it depends on either it’s needed, or not. We all are going to be judged one day, but before that time comes we have to make the best decisions we possibly can. To show the meaning of this idea, the author Harper Lee describes how in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” about people like Dolphus Raymond are judged upon where lives, and who he is around. The same thing is similar with Scout, and how she shares her experience with the society around herself. Judgement, it can be both good and bad, so looking at society, the way be judge color, and Family all play a big part in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” in what makes us who we are.

In order for Scout, or even Jem to understand what the society judges him/her on they first have to understand it. Scout and Walter Cunningham are very different from each …show more content…

Although, no one is the most trustworthy, or the most reliable person, but they all play a specific part in how the story comes together. The Jury of Tom Robinson’s court found him guilty even though he really wasn’t.(Lee 271-275 ) Let me elaborate on that idea a bit more, it doesn’t matter how hard a lawyer like Atticus tries to defend a black man like Tom Robinson when there is a slim chance that they will win especially in the South.(southern states especially), but in the end they have a choice to make. Bob Ewell despises Atticus for defending Tom Robinson. ( Lee 290 ) In the movie, and book we see Bob Ewell have a negative approach to Atticus, and his children especially when it comes to the end of both the movie, and in the book when he attacks Jem, and Scout, the reason behind that is because of what Atticus did in that courtroom. In order for Scout, and Jem to better understand how their life will be played out they have to go through a process of growing up, and judge their own

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