Judging Others In The Minister's Black Veil

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Have you ever judged someone,but said you don’t judge people on the way they look. I’m going to be getting examples from “The Minister’s Black Veil” that will show when people judge others. In the story Mr.Hooper began to wear a black veil and people began to judge him. In real life when someone does something out of the ordinary people begin to judge them. The moral of the story is that everyone is judgemental. We all put on a facade to hide our true selves. People are constantly being judged by others on anything and everything people find strange. If you look different from everyone else they will begin to judge you. In the story “The Minister’s Black Veil” the people in the village started to judge Mr.Hooper because of the veil. They all wanted to know why their minister suddenly began to wear a black veil hiding his face from them. He no longer fit in with the people in the village and he didn’t meet their expectations of what a minister should be like so they started saying things about Mr.Hooper. At the beginning of the story when they were in the church and Mr.Hooper began wearing the veil a person…show more content…
We also allow ourselves to be judged by others because we are possibly trying to accomplish something. People do what they do for a reason. Mr.Hooper wore the black veil for so many years for a purpose he understood but no one else did. The story said that the veil makes its wearer a very efficient clergyman. I think this is true because he can now connect to all of the villagers,the ones that attend church and don’t sin,the villagers that do sin,and the villagers who are accused of sinning. He can now relate to all of them because he hasn’t sinned or least what we know,he’s been accused of sinning,and he has been treated as a sinner. Everyone in the entire world can be found guilty of sinning weather it be a small sin or a large sin we all sin at some point in our
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