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3.4Judicial Council In General, Judicial councils are bodies that are designed to insulate the functions of appointment, promotion and discipline of judges while ensuring some level of accountability . Brazil’s first judicial council was created in 1977. The primary function of the council was merely disciplinary in nature and had no financial or budgetary functions. The 1977 version of Council was able to do little about the political military influence within the court. The judicial independence was much more seen in the period of 1988 and 2004. In 2004, with an amendment, a new judicial council with a different structure was introduced consisting of 9 judges, 2 prosecutors, 2 lawyers and 2 layman appointed by legislature . These attempts…show more content…
This exam consists of three phases- written exams, oral exams and then an overall evaluation of the nominee’s academic credentials. The examinations have now started to include a fourth phase too, which comprises of a four moth course which is provided by the state and federal judicial training schools . However, in the case of electoral courts, they are not filled by entry level exams. They consist of state judges, experienced lawyers, and public prosecutors, who take up the responsibility for a period of two…show more content…
A list containing the names of these three nominees have to be presented to the president, who has twenty days to make a selection for the position of appellate judgeship. The list is presented to the governor in case of selection at the state level. The same mechanism is followed by the state appellate courts, for the appointment at the federal appellate level, from which four-fifths of the seats are filled by judges of first instance and the rest are filled by lawyers and state public

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