What Role Do Judges Play In Judicial System

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The role of judiciary is to administer justice to all citizens and it comprises of courts that take decisions on a very large number of cases. Judicial independence is the keystone of Canadian judicial system. That is the reason, the judiciary is an independent from other branches of government, the executive and legislative. The main role of judge is to interpret laws. Judicial independence assures that judges will have the capacity to make laws and settle on choices free of impact and in light of the law. Judges play a crucial role in Canadian democracy. The judicial branch of government constitutes the court system of Canada formally known as "the Queen on the Bench”, and is made up of many courts. It differs in levels based on legal superiority and is separated by jurisdiction. There are federal court as well as provincial or municipal courts. The Court assures uniformity, consistency and correctness in the articulation, development and interpretation of legal principles throughout the Canadian judicial system. Federal government has the right to legislate criminal whereas, provincial court has the control over the civil law. (Court system of Canada). The federal…show more content…
Their work, for the most part, attracts little notice. However, when judges decide issues concerning the constitutional powers of the state, attention is sure to follow. The adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982 has greatly increased the number of such cases. The recognition of same-sex marriage, the existence and scope of Aboriginal rights, the legality of assisted suicide, the constitutionality of the offence of possession of pornography and the appropriate sentence for” mercy killing” these are but a few of the charged issues that our judges have been obliged to tackle in the two decades since the Charter was adopted”. ( Beverley McLachlin,

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