American Judicial System Analysis

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The American government is divided in 3 branches, executive, legislative, and judicial. This paper will give focus into the third branch, and explain how the American judicial system has changed throughout the years. Through analyzes of the Constitution, the Federalist paper and other sources in search of how does changes occurred and for which reason. These branches were created to certify that the government had a just and unbreakable system, in which no branch holds all the power. The first idea of creation of the government was the Republic, and this division is to make sure that this idea stands. With changes through years, many academics believes that the government is not a republic anymore, and that the executive is taking over the…show more content…
The system works through the judicial review as part of the process of checks and balances between the three branches of the government. The most important office in this branch is the Supreme Court of United States, which is the only part of federal judiciary that is required by to Constitution. The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution to get to a final decision. As part of the Supreme Court, there are nine justices. The odd number was elected to avoid a tie during a process, once the majority of the judges agree. Besides the Supreme Court, there are also lower courts that work to help the Supreme Court with all the work that…show more content…
The paper was written to explain and defend all the ideas from the US Constitution. The Federalist Paper No. 78, is the first of six essays written by Alexander Hamilton about the role of the judiciary system in the US government. Hamilton wrote two of the six papers about eh judiciary. The first essay he talks about the importance for the judiciary system to be separated from the legislative and executive, while the second was his conclusion of how the system should work. He concluded that the judiciary system should be empowered to enforce the laws passed by the congress. In Hamilton’s vision, the judiciary was the weakest of the three branches of the government, through this idea, this branch should be independent, and avoiding the corruption or interference of the other branches in the decisions, according to Hamilton the branch had "neither force nor will but merely
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