'Judith And Maidservant With Head Of Holofermes'

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Teamwork Assignment For our teamwork assignment we are doing Artemisia Gentileschi, “Judith and Maidservant with head of Holofermes”. In the painting we can see two women which I can infer are Judith and Maidservant. One lady which I believe to be Judith is holding a sword in one hand and blocking the light with the other. The other lady that could be Maidservant is holding something similar to a head that by the title of the painting I infer that is Holofermes head. From the painting I deduce that Judith might have killed Holofermes with the sword and that Maidservant is helping Judith hide the body. I can as well infer that Holofermes might have been Judith servant because of the white headscarves in his head similar to the Maidservant scarf. The faces of who I concluded to be Judith seems kind of angry and annoyed while the face of Maidservant seems worried. Even though there no visible blood in the sword I believe that 's the weapon that was used against Holofermes.…show more content…
Sophia as well infers that the Maidservant doesn’t know that she might be killed by Judith and perhaps end like Holofermes. She as well stated that the painting could be taking place in the kitchen because of the candle next to Judith. I believe that Judith did in fact kill Holofermes but doesn’t plan in killing Maidservant. In contrast to Sophia’s opinion I don’t believe the painting is taking place in a kitchen but in a bedroom because of the curtains in the painting. Additionally I believe the Maidservant is trying to help Judith hide the
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