Judith Cofer's Essay 'The Myth Of The Latin Women'

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A life burdened by rude comments and one-dimensional views is no easy life for a person trying to break the stereotypical mold set by years of media promotion by people who do not know of the cultural. In Judith Cofer's essay "The Myth of the Latin Women" she sets for the reader a theme of a women who for her whole life had to deal with people constantly trying to put her in the same pigeonhole. In Cofer's essay she takes the reader through her own life as a Latina women with her individual moments facing the adversity of being who she is. Cofer's essay is about her life from growing up in school and being out casted as the hopeless Latina. Then to her life as a young adult being harassed by college student boys who find it amusing to try and imitate the Spanish characters they see on TV. Though throughout her life she was faced with all the same type of people doubting her and expecting her to be the typical Latina women they see and hear about in the media she strives and succeeds in being an accomplished author and professor. Cofer's essay puts the reader on the journey of a Latina women in a world full of stereotypes using her personal experiences as her tool for doing so. Throughout this writing the author uses voice in a very consistent way making the reader see everything written in her story from her point of view with the perfect use of her own experiences. This style of having the put…show more content…
Her breakdown of the everyday struggles for women like her inform the audience of a life that would have never been able to identify with until now. Even for other Latina women or Latino men Cofer's stories resonate with them, and help represent for people who are also trying to shatter the cast set for them by society. She shows hope for all people Latin decent or not that the only thing that matters is that they know who they are and that no stereotype can define any
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