Essay On The Book Of Judith

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1. From the New American Bible, the Book of Judith, Judith was a biblical figure who saved her town while it was besieged by the Assyrians by killing the Assyrian Captain Holofernes. She was a widow who entered the Assyrian camp and had dinner with the captain, who drank himself into a stupor. She then killed him by cutting his head off once they were left alone. With her servant, Judith headed back to her town to show them what she did. The Hebrews attacked the camp the following morning and the Assyrians fled after Holofernes was found dead. She is heroic in risking her life for a plan that could have gone horribly wrong at any moment trying to save her people. The Assyrian army could have easily decided to kill her when she came to their camp or discovered her crime before she made her escape. She also could have been put in chains or raped, etc. She had to use wits, beauty and luck for everything to go right. 2. Judith is presented as a strong female figure, dressed modestly having completed or in the middle of completely her task. These images support what I know of Judith and the story. They show women are capable of being heroes and doing gruesome actions. Such in Botticelli’s Judith is walking…show more content…
While both characters are biblical heroic underdogs, who save their people, during a war or battle with a much larger enemy army, Judith’s story is much more heroic. David had dumb luck in an one instant where as Judith had to depend on her wits, courage and charms for days to succeed in her mission. Her story is also much more believable. Granted I highly doubt a large army would just scatter after it’s leader is dead, there’s a chain of command for a reason. But it’s more believable that some giant dying just because of a stone to the forehead.. David is just a tall tale and he got lucky with a throw, no wits or strength, it could be because God willed him to win. Judith was more of an active
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