The Spade Of Memory Analysis

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An Investigation into the melancholy splendour of the conscious and unconscious response to memory between my own, Judith Kindler 's and Mark Demsteader 's works:
In the works of Judith Kindler and Mark Demsteader, there is an evidently distinct and clear link between the use of their medium and meaning and the use of my medium and meaning in my works. My chosen theme, Memories, is extremely broad but yet specific. It can convey many different meanings, depending on the viewer’s intellectual understanding of life and life experiences. Memories affect individuals differently as everyone comes from a different background in society. Some are consciously aware of this response to their past memories when viewing my works, tending to be more
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The correlation between Judith Kindlers ' work, "All The Bees" (Image B) is evident in the use of diverse and complex media in expression of narrative and conceptual ideas. She too, explores the psychological and human threads we all have in common and reflects this through the focused lens of a place, time or human experiences or expressions.
There is a definite similarity in the way both works are represented. Both works make use of the installation of three. Combining these three elements develop a strong sentimental touch, which always the viewer to re-connect with the past and acknowledge what they have been through and where they stand today. The difference in the techniques is that my physical use of spade (Image A) allows for a full perspective view of the works, which symbolises the depth of memory being entered, where Judith Kindler 's work (Image B) only shows the 2D perspective. It is clear that a vintage style is used in both Images A and B, therefore advocating and promoting the thought process of memories from the past. This vintage look allows one to travel back in time within your memory and re-live what has been experienced, whether positively or
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His style has inspired the facial detail in my works which brings the subject to life in melancholy splendour. This allows for the viewer to either consciously or unconscious respond to their memories.
In this piece, there is a strong contrast between modern day life and the past. The girl that has been painted in acrylic portrays the “here and now”, but there is an element of distance to her. This promotes the thought process of having to enter into the memorial state of the mind. The girl, even though is still young, has come through many memories and experiences in her life to where she is now. The melancholy element protests that these memories may have not been positive. The girl looking through the frame symbolises looking into past memories and the psychological impact these recalls bring. The fact that the frame is in an old, vintage style and colour represent the past. The golden frame resembles the happy memories she has experienced, but the fact that she is painted in black and white resemble the hardship she may have been through and sad memories. The aim of this piece is to allow the viewer’s imagination to wonder about what this girl is going through. The viewer must feel as if
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