Judith Ortiz Cofer's Abuela Invents The Zero

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In “Abuela invents the zero” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Connie and her grandmother, Abuela, have many similarities and differences that make each person unique. In the story it says, “My mother and father paid for her way here so that she wouldn’t die without seeing snow, though if you asked me, and nobody has, the dirty slush in this city is not worth the price of a ticket”(Cofer 2). This shows that Abuela would like to see the snow before she dies. It also, shows that Constancia doesn’t think it’s worth coming to see. The text states, “It is January, two inches of snow on the ground, and she’s wearing a shawl over a thick black dress. That’s just the start”(Cofer 3). Meaning, Connie and Abuela dress differently than the other would. It also means,
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