Judith Thompson's Analogy Of Abortion

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Judith Thompson in her analogy of abortion gives a scenario, of someone waking up one morning only to find that they have been plugged into a violinist that has a kidney failure, they are told by doctors that they will have to be plugged into the “famous” violinist for nine months, if they unplug, the violinist dies, if they stay plugged in, the violinist after the nine months recover however that person suffers their right to what happens to their body. The question posed following this analogy is, should the person unplug?

There are different aspects to look at it from, let me give my scenario, suppose a lady decides to have sex unprotected because she gains more pleasure from it and in the morning forgets to take her early morning pills and in total forgets to take birth control pills and becomes pregnant. She is the sole cause of the pregnancy and should take responsibility for it; the person plugged into the violinist in Judith Thompson’s analogy isn’t the cause of the failure of the kidney of the violinist so why should they have to take responsibility for it. The lady in my scenario shouldn’t be given the opportunity to get an abortion
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They don’t want the baby, they were not trying to get the baby so why then should they be constrained to having to raise an unwanted child. That’s when Judith Thompson’s analogy applies, sure they caused the pregnancy but it was caused indirectly because they took numerous possible measures to prevent it, so can they then unplug from that baby? The same way the question is posed for Thompson’s analogy, can that person unplug from the famous
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