Judy Boone Character Analysis

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One important thing that both Ed Boone and Judy Boone have in common is that they both

have bad tempers. One example from Ed Boone is “ ‘ How the fuck…Is your fucking fancy man

here, as well?’ (Haddon 254)” In this example shows that Christopher’s father, Ed Boone, can’t

control his anger that he curses in front of Christopher. He was extemely angry at the fact that

Judy Boone came in the and Ed Boone was upset about it. So, Christopher was caught in their

heated argument and Ed Boone didn’t even realize it. One example from Judy Boone is “ ‘She is

a hot-tempered woman, who gets angry quite quickly.’ (103)” This example shows that Judy’s

temper is so bad that it is even noticed by her son. Unlike Ed Boone, Judy Boone’s temper was

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Shear. One example is from Ed, “ ‘Your mother has had to go into hospital.’ (43)”

This example shows that Ed had to lie to Christopher that his mother left them both because he

cared a lot about Christopher’s feelings and didn't want Christopher to get hurt. Ed didn’t want

Christopher to think that it was his fault that his mother left him. Instead, Ed had to fake her

death and told Christopher that she died of a heart attack. Ed never wanted his son to take

blame for Judy leaving. For instance, Judy explains, “ ‘I was not a very good mother,

Christopher. Maybe if things had been different, maybe if you'd been different, I might have

been better at it.’ (156)” This example shows that Judy, in her letter, said she wasn’t a very good

mother, but she mentioned that it was christopher's fault that she wasn’t a good mother. She

said that if Christopher was different, she would’ve been a better mother. That is very cruel to

say to Christopher. As a mother she should’ve accepted christopher for who he is.
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