Judy Bottle Research Paper

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Judy Schoettle was born in 9/7/1946 in Marion, Ohio. Judy 's mother was an alcoholic. She was the only child for nine years and was spoiled until her siblings were born. Judy is the oldest of four siblings, two brothers and one sister. Ricky (60), who lives in Flordia, is retired from the Army. They keep in touch by phone calls. Nelson "Eddy" (59), who lives in South Roxanna IL., is retired from the National Reserves. They see each other monthly. Audrey Kay South (57), who lives in Springfield, IL., she worked in the transportation office. They see each other as often as possible and on holidays. Due to Judy being the eldest child she intervened and helped take care of her siblings. Judy stated that most of the time she had a happy childhood. Judy 's grandfather had a postitive influence on her life because he never got upset with her and had passions. Judy felt like her needs were met and felt loved during her childhood. Judy was taught right from wrong by examples. Her punishments included removal of privileges and grounding. Her punishments were never excessive or abusive. Judy moved from Ohio to Edwardsville Illinois when she was in junior high. The family annual income is $77,000 a year. Her bills are as follows: utilities $300, phone bill,…show more content…
They were high school sweethearts. Norman and Judy married in June 1964 in Edwardsville, IL. The yave been married 51 years and have a good realtionship. She stated that tring to keep a clean house causes confleict in their relationship, but htye try to have everything put away in order to resolve it. They have two children. They have a son Norman Schoettle (50) and a daughter, Linda Hawkins (51). Currently their daughter, Linda, resides with them. Judy is very close and bonded with her children. Mrs. Schoettle attends church regularly, she has a close relationship with the Lord. She prays frequently and feels blessed to be able to help raise her
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