I Want A Wife Essay

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In her article “I Want a Wife,” Judy Brady states she wants a wife, or rather she wants someone who performs the less desirable duties of a wife while she returns to school to become financially self-sufficient, and she elevates to the more superior role as the husband. In great detail, Brady points out that the wife is the primary caregiver of the children, single-handedly cares for the family’s personal needs, manages the household, as well as, does the brunt of the domestic chores; all the while, the husband remains non-existent. Moreover, she begrudgingly endures her spouse’s selfish emotional, social, and sexual needs, all the while knowing she can be disposed of or replaced without a second thought. Therefore, Brady feels it is better to have a wife than to be a wife. In his article “Not All Men Are Sly Foxes,” Armin A.…show more content…
The final difference between Brady’s and Brott’s articles is their tone. Brady’s tone is sarcastic and anger directed at her husband. After her male friend’s recent divorce and his search for a new wife, it occurred to her that she too wants a wife. The author starts with the question, “Why do I want a wife?”; she is dissatisfied with being a wife and her husband 's disrespect for her. She wants a wife or someone to care for her. Outlining a laundry list of motherly duties and household chores, all managed by her exclusively is meant to portray her husband as a nonparticipating father and spouse. She further describes him as being self-absorbed, taking her for granted, and ignoring her needs. In contrast, Brott’s tone was impartial. Brott’s tone is troubled and angry, with bits of sarcasm when talking about the discriminatory materials in children’s books, and when stating that fathers continue to be negatively stereotyped. He recognizes that publishers edited the classic children’s books to more accurately portray women and minorities, after concerned parents’ persuasion, but he
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