Judy Davis: A Woman In My Life

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In 2003, I was fourteen years old. That was when I met the most influential and inspiring women in my life so far. Her name is Judy Davis. At the time, her and her husband ran over a thousand head of longhorn cattle on 35,000 acres on the Grand Mesa in western Colorado. She was 60 years old at the time, and would still climb up on her horse and go round up the herd, fix fence, clean ditches, and put up hay. All that, and she also found the time and energy to run a hunting outfit as well. This woman was the strongest, most hard-working lady I had ever met. Judy, or “Murgie”, as all of us kids would call her, was my first employer and she is who helped me find my calling. From that point on, she taught me how to doctor cattle, check for new calves,
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