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The California Restaurant Association Foundation (CRAF) hosts the annual CA ProStart Cup for California’s culinary high school students to compete in culinary and business management events. Since 2009 Judy Dolphin has been taking Greenville High School students to the competition to compete in both management and culinary categories. Twice past GHS groups have placed second and the last two years they placed within the top 10. This year the group consisted of GHS seniors- Destiny Potts, Kelsey Heard, Tanner Meigs, Sidney-Lyn McIntosh, and Chainy Carson. Of the group, only McIntosh had competed the year before. The group of newbies dedicated hundreds of hours preparing and practicing for the competition, yet on March 20th it was with astonishment and amazement that they accepted their first place prize. Meigs…show more content…
The GHS team which named themselves the – Red Hot Cooker Pressures- took first place over 32 other teams representing 27 other high schools from around the state, many of which had student enrollments of over 2,000 students. The teams GHS beat were not only from bigger high schools but larger towns and areas with a greater variety of grocery stores and specialty items. Mrs. Dolphin explained that being in Greenville can come with its limitations sharing, “we are limited to the ingredients we can access and the resources and people we have access to.” However, she shared, “we have Sean Conry, who is a tremendous asset to the students who compete every year and a key component to our victory this year.” Conry is an award-winning chef who worked as the Executive Chef at Longboards for 15 years and is now a Culinary Arts Professor at Feather River College. He met with the students for xxx and attended the competition with

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