Conjugal View Of Marriage

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Marriage has different meanings to different people. The definition of marriage differs from one culture to another and marriage can be seen as a cultural universal. Every cultural group has its own cultural rituals that are unique to their culture. Like any ritual, marriage from one cultural group is different from one another. Marriage rituals vary greatly between countries, cultures, races and social classes. The differences in marriage practices is deeply rooted in the beliefs and values of each cultural group. As an example, Xhosa people and Muslim people have different cultural. The essay to follow will explain what marriage is. The conjugal definition of marriage will be explained with the case studies.
What is marriage?
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The first is the jugal view and the second the conjugal view. This section will focus on the conjugal view of marriage. The conjugal (or traditional) view of marriage is characterized in terms of three important features: (1) a inclusive union between a man and a woman (with the unifying good of the relationship being procreation); (2) a shared domestic life ordered towards the raising of children; and (3) norms of exclusivity, permanence, and monogamy (Ferraro, 1993). While there also are many other features of a good marriage (such as love, friendship, companionship, romance, etc.), these features are not enough to make a marriage, minimally and traditionally understood. Ferraro argued that marriage should meet 3 criteria; (1) union of sexual relation, (2) permanence of residence and (3) division of…show more content…
different cultures have their own way of regulating sexual activities between married people. The permanence of residence involves the married couple living together permanently. Sometimes living together can be impossible between couples but the marriage will still be a valid one. And the division of labor is about dividing the domestic duties between the couple. Cultural values play a great role in how the division of labor is shared between the married couple. Conjugal marriages focuses on the universal core functions as is seen to control sexual activities and legitimize having children. Conjugal marriage forms stable mated where some problems are solved by the division of labor. The problems highlight the different activities performed by men and women in getting food and economic activities. Conjugal marriages also provides an effective means to accommodate the period of infant and child dependency, as it provides a residence, as well as food. Different cultures have their own definition of marriage. Ferraro stated that marriage should consist of a union of sexual relation, permanence of residence for the couple and the division of labor. Murdock stated that marriage only exists when economic and sexual functions are united into a relationship, where the couple share the proceeds of the division of labor in their cohabitation of residence. Gough defined

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