Juice And Roxie: A Short Story

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industry and was for all intense and purposes better than selling drugs without the same drama. Racine, never asked people what they wanted the guns for. It was none of her business and she had no time to pray for the nuts or the mentally ill, that was the government’s job. She taught Robert Bentley the trade and Roxie the patience to deal with smart, difficult clients and for years the business brought in $2 million dollars a week, tax free. Via the trials and investigations somehow she managed to stay free. Each day though was a crap game. Miraculously she got away with a lot. She loved dating cops who could make charges go away or judges that could do more wrong with a gavel than a bullet could to a torso and on the day Robert left Roxie cried harder in the courtroom than she had. This was to Racine now a huge, problem. On other fronts men that could lead her to the ultimate in underground gun sells became her best friends. Nobody was better at this than Juice and Roxie were. Juice would enter the picture after Robert’s incarceration. Quietly he had helped the cops convict Robert Bentley to ease into his position with Racine. Needing the male influence – Racine would facilitate his present so long as Juice did not double cross her. They were all members of the NRA and, were successful. Sadly – with…show more content…
Since that bitch ratted her out, Racine didn’t fuck with bitches no more. Cops hauled her stock and Roxie away; but there was more where that come from. When Roxie was released from jail Racine took her back. She thanked Robert afterwards through steel bars because his loyalty to her got her off with a $300.00 fine. She remembered what Robert told her during that last
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