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Are Juice Cleanse Diets Nothing But A Dangerous Trend?

Lately, diet crazes like South Beach, Paleo Diet, Dukan Diet, and Atkins have become less popular in the world of fitness and health. It appears that a new fad is taking away their spots – the juice cleanse diets.

Essentially, juicing is the method of extracting the juice from whole vegetables and fruits. Most people prefer to use this to detoxify their bodies or lose weight. Although it may sound clean and healthy, but the cynicism happens when an individual is living off solely with juice without whole foods.

There are people who are resentful on the idea that these juices are really dangerous nonsense. Others do it for the sake of terms like “purify” and “cleanse.” A few believe
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However, it is more designed towards individuals who are already oriented to trying out new diets and sustaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Level III – The Excavation Cleanse is geared for people who are extremely body conscious and already eating clean. This includes less fruit juice and more vegetable juices.

Blueprint is best for people with hectic schedules. The length of cleansing is a personal option.

The 7-Day Juice Cleanse

This juice cleanse is a DIY plan, which demands 4 to 6 juices daily. Every juice should be 16 to 20 ounces. The 7-Day Juice Cleanse includes 13 different vegetables, fruits, ginger root, and garlic.
Warning! This kind of juice cleanse and other cleanses, may cause headaches and dizziness, specifically within the first couple of days of the diet because the body is still trying to adapt. While the juices are purely vegetables and fruits, you can add spices like fresh mint, thyme, oregano and chives. This will give a little kick.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Juice Cleanse Diets

Any diet has its share of pros and cons. One may work effectively with you, while others may not. It is important that you read well enough before following any diet plan to avoid any harm.
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