Juice Movie Analysis

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“Yo, you got the juice now, man”, is the renowned phrase that will go down in history. Juice, released in 1992, is a classic African-American crime thriller directed by Ernest R. Dickerson. The film follows the life of four friends- aspiring DJ Quincy, belligerent Bishop, womanizer Raheem, and quirky Steel- in Harlem as they navigate through friendship, manhood, and power. Juice follows the day-to-day activities in the lives of the young men starting out as petty mischief, but growing more serious as time passes by. Fed up with what little respect the group receives, Bishop convinces his friends to rob the local convenience store to give them more “juice”. As one could imagine, things take a turn for the worst as the characters cross lines and spill blood. The film also focuses on the struggles that these young men must go through every day as well, such as police harassment, rival neighborhood gangs, and their families. Juice is a classic movie that everyone should see because it touches on concepts and life lessons that are still relevant to this day, including people are not always who they say they are, it is important not to follow others, and that you should be careful about what you wish for. Understanding that people are not always who they appear to be is an important life lesson that resonates in the movie Juice. The four “friends” seem pretty close throughout the beginning of the film as they often skip school, hang out, and commit petty crimes together. It is

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