Jules Verne's Journey To The Center To The Earth

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“Journey to the Center to The Earth”, a science fiction book written in the year of 1871 by a profound, well-known and an honored author known as Jules Verne. In the book, numerous places, environments and periods of time were utilized to create a clearer picture in the reader’s imagination. Such settings include his very house, Hamburg, Germany, Reykjavik, Iceland, Mount Sneffels, Mount Etna of Stromboli, Italy and, of course, as the title holds, the center of the earth. In Hamburg, the story starts. They arrive in Reykjavik, Iceland and made their way to Sneffels, found in the same country. Mount Etna is where they came out from their expedition, The center of the earth itself contains the most adventure, thrill and the action. The place was chosen by the author to depict a better storyline to the audience it attracts.…show more content…
He was the one who sought for the center of the earth. “He was fifty years old; tall, thin, and wiry. Large spectacles hid, to a certain extent, his vast, round, and goggle eyes, while his nose was irreverently compared to a thin file. So much indeed did it resemble that useful article, that a compass was said in his presence to have made considerable N (Nasal) deviation.” (Journey to the center of the Earth, Verne). Axel, or Harry in other translations of the same book and the same author, is the nephew of Professor Von Hardwigg who, at first, didn’t want to be involved nor participate to try to answer the mystery of the code and its message. He wasn’t looking forward to his upcoming journey of a
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