In The Time Of The Patria Analysis

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Mariposa, oh, what a beautiful word. Mariposa is the Mirabal sisters code name, Mariposa the Spanish word for butterfly. Julia Alvarez’s fascinating novel on the Mirabal sisters is a captivating book about the courageous Mirabal sisters. Patria is the oldest of the Mirabal sisters. Patria has always been religious, and she wanted to become a nun to devote her life to religion. Patria has been a leader all her life and she is also caring and respectful. She got married at a very young age to Pedrito and has 2 children and one stillborn child. Patria is a wonderful mom and is very protective and caring towards her 2 kids, Nelson and Norris. Patria was the last but most revolutionary for many reasons. In Julia Alvarez’s novel In the Time Of The…show more content…
Patria always is thinking about her kids, to keep them safe from Trujillo. Patria said, “I saw it was a car aiming its lights at our bedroom window ‘¡Ay, dios mio!’ I shook Pedrito awake and flew out of that bed terrified that something had happened to my boy. I know what Pedrito says, that I’m overly protective (Alvarez 150). This quote shows Patria’s characteristics. It shows she is very protective and loving towards Nelson and she is always worried something bad would happen to nelson. Patria not only cares about her own kids, she is very motherly to others as well, in this quote she was at the discovery day dance, which she was invited to, by Trujillo. Minerva said, “Always the mother that one. She got a handkerchief in that purse should someone sneeze, a mint to keep a child happy, a rosary in case anyone wants to pray” (Alvarez 97). The quote is very important because it shows her motherly characteristics, and how she reaches out to others. She is willing to help anyone, and because she is so caring. Patria has a side of her, who will always do the right thing. Patria’s protective personality makes her
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