Julia As A Social Worker Analysis

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Cultures have certain morals about seeking help with the government or even a friend. Many cultures find asking for help to be a shameful, emotional embarrassing and makes them to be seen as weak. This entry talks about working for the Russian culture, the challenges she faces and how she changed the views of a social workers to Russian culture. Julia, a Social Worker for the Russian community. She owns her own agency, steaming from a 9-year practice as a social worker and therapist. Julia states that, “Her work has been challenging, successful and fulfilling. It has a lot of unforeseen experiences, both good and bad, and gaps, and room for growth.”(pg. 387) It is important for a Social worker to understand why members of a particular culture…show more content…
They dislike someone coming in and wanting to take charge or take something from them. The one thing they value is respect. As a social worker, we should respect their request. At some point, they are going to need help and they do, they want social workers to work with them not against them. Respecting their value, builds closer relationships and trust. Social workers are trained to assist in the interactions between the individual and his or her social environment. Julia, stated that once she truly explains what the role of a social worker is, her clients tend to need her more and they trust her. For example, her agency is in the process of providing health care services for family in need. One family, she helps needs her help desperately. She tries her best to help them in any way as possible and she doesn’t stop until she has fully achieved her goals as a social worker. She likes working for the Russian community because they are very open-minded and give her a challenge in her career. She is happy that the Russian community now trusts her because she can relate to them and help them to the best of her ability. Julia constantly reminds her clients that she is willing to empower them, educated them and led them to make a positive change. Julia has truly inspired me to become a social worker because she does not only work for her company but she works for other agencies to get the proper care for her clients. Overcoming the cultural barriers is one of the goal I have set early on, so she tries her best never to turn down someone in need. She wants people to look at Social workers, as people who are willing to help and she makes a difference and that’s what I want to do in my career
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