Julia Demarco's Crash: Summary

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11) The title of my book is Crash. This is a good title because it captures the overall feeling of the story. The main character suffers through a traumatic vision that eventually is all she can think about. The vision ends up taking over her life, causing her to “crash” or shut down. She is unable to make the vision go away, which causes her to act out of the ordinary, so her friends and family begin to worry. Crash is a very fitting title for this story, because it represents the emotional and physical toll the vision has on the main character. 8) The main character in my book is Julia Demarco, but she prefers to be called Jules. Julia is kind of an outcast at her school and she knows it. She and her younger sister have to drive to…show more content…
The cover had a picture of a woman’s left eye that was filled with flames. The brown eye is discolored with purple, yellow, red, and orange which gives it a mystical effect. Besides the flashy front, I read the summary on the back cover of the book which also give me insight into the main characters struggles. It made me want to know more about her everyday life, and also had me curious about what was causing her troubles. I enjoy reading books like these, because they make me feel as though I'm helping the main character through a rough time. 15) I least like the character Sawyer Angotti, because he is the son of Julia’s father's enemy. Sawyer’s and Julia’s fathers have been enemies since day one, because they own Italian restaurants right across the street from one another. The reason why I least like Sawyer is because he is one of those kids who roll with the status quo. If he is told to do something, he does it, right or wrong. When they were young, Sawyer and Julia were best friends, until one day Sawyer's father told him he was never to speak to Julia again. Without a word Sawyer abandoned Julia. Feeling alone Julia started believing she was a loser. I least like Sawyer because he saw what ditching his friend did to her self esteem, and did not
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