Character Analysis: Julia Flanders

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Julia Flanders isn’t happy. I don’t think a lot of people above the age of 50 are able to say that they are where they wanted to be when they were 20, but Julia is. Julia is the owner of a successful Georgia BBQ chain, Boisterous BBQ. It doesn’t have anything above the hundreds of other Georgia BBQ restaurants, it merely took off because it was in the right place at the right time, and was generally higher quality than the brunt of the restaurants in Atlanta. After four years, there were three open, and in ten years there were seven. In 20 years there were 38 open all across Georgia. Just three weeks ago now, she opened her first restaurant in Alabama. She’s a millionaire, who’s just going to keep gaining money from her now self sustaining…show more content…
It had been two months since she decided to leave her barbeque on a adventure of self discovery and business opportunities. The problem is that she didn’t find either of those. She opens her windows and looks outside. Beach. Palm trees. White sands. Baby blue waters. She was somewhere tropical. She looks on the counter. Empty dimebags and some rolled up dollar bills. That explains the headache. Ever since she left on this vacation her life has been falling more and more apart. Julia sits on the bed and stares blankly in her room. She’s trying her best not to cry. Julia Flanders, a millionaire restaurant tycoon, has lost total control over her life. She wants to go back to her life of routine, but she doesn’t want to face her loved ones like this. She’s an addict, she’s unstable. She’s a wreck. She needs water. She steps into the bathroom on unstable feet. Her eyes meet his. He’s cold. He’s empty. She screams. She understands that she did it but she has no memory of it. Julia Flanders, successful and happy, has killed a man. She doesn’t have any memory of him. She doesn’t recognize him at all. And she took his life. Julia Flanders, who had everything she desired, has thrown her life away. Yet, for some unknown reason, she feels happy. Julia Flanders is finally
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