Julia In Sarah's Key Novel Analysis

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Accept the Past for the Future Acceptance is not necessarily forgetting, but remembering and forgiving in order to move on. When Julia learned to accept and forgive her past, she is able to carry on with her life. Equally important, Julia in Sarah's Key written by Tatiana De Rosnay, goes through some difficult times, which made it difficult for her to embrace the situations. In this novel, Julia is described and seen as a character with much acceptance. She remembers and always forgives in order to live a life without any grudges. Throughout the novel, it becomes harder for Julia to accept because her whole world changes when she learns that her marriage is falling apart, she is carrying a new life and Sarah's tragedy.
Julia knows her marriage is falling apart when she tells Bertrand, she is pregnant and "He muttered over and over again. "I can't. I won't. Julia, you have to get that into your head if you have this child, it will kill me" (De Rosnay 136). When Julia heard his words she accepted it and reflected on whether she is going to keep the child or not. Julia must accept the fact that if she keeps the child they will no longer be married. She knows that it will kill Bertrand to be a father to a second child at his age knowing how he felt she had some comprehension of why. She accepts and forgibes him for not
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For some the pain is too great to bury, they are so consumed with hating who they are for what happened that they do not see the truth in front of them. For some people, acceptance is a difficult thing to do because the situations they are in. Julia her broken marriage and the fact that she is pregnant and her husband does not want the child, and of course the tragedy of Sarah. Accepting something does not mean forgetting something, it means remembering and reconciliation as well as forgiving. Acceptance is a big step towards
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