Julian Beever A Moonlight Accident In A Railway Mall Analysis

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You can never prove that seeing is believing as our eyes deceive us all the time in many ways. But can you really believe in what you see without having a logical explanation? Do you believe in what you never seen before? Sometimes we see something that actually isn’t real. We believe in things we never seen before and sometimes our eyes are fooled to see or think what we see is really there. Illusions are a piece of evidence to prove my point that seeing isn’t believing. The pavement chalk art lining the sidewalk created by Julian Beever is an example of an Illusion. One of his pieces called ,“ A Slight Accident in a Railway Station” is a depiction of a man falling into the railway station. Julian used perspective as a technique to make…show more content…
All the evidence is from “Magic and the Brain”, an article by brain scientists Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik. In this article, the first paragraph describes a magic trick using misdirection to trick the audience to believing it was really magic.” The Great Tomsoni announces he will change her dress from white to red.” as it was quoted in the first page and paragraph of the article(77). As explained by neuroscientists Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik, the way her dress changed color was not magic, but a trick using misdirection and the function of the brain. Her dress was ripped off revealing a red dress which she wore under but as the audience focused on the dress, they didn’t see the technology that was actually doing all the work. This shows that misdirection can distract you from the reality to focus on your perspective. Although seeing isn’t believing, sometimes, it can be. When you look up at the sky, you can tell it's blue. When you see a dog pass by, you can obviously tell that it is a dog. And sometimes, people won’t believe something until they see it. Unless they visually see it with their own eyes, some tales are impossible to be true. For example in the video Created by Chris Chambers “Change Blindness”, I didn’t believe that something in the image changed until I was pointed out where it was to see it with my own

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