Julie: A Fictional Narrative

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It was the dusk of night as adolescent Julie was seated on the carpeted ground of her small-scale bedroom. Her petite physique leaned against her oak made bed frame, and long, lean legs stretched out in front of her in a relaxed, jovial manner; however, despite having a calm, physical position, she did not having a strong mental and emotional demeanor. If any person decided to stroll in her bedroom, they would have mistaken her for a lifeless puppet than a vital, upbeat youth. Julie sat unmoving, staring at the white, wooden door of her clothes closet in deep thought with overwhelming feelings of grief and anguish. “What is my purpose to this world?” she asked in complete puzzlement. The only appearance of sadness she shows is the fat,…show more content…
It was one of those rare times that she saw her father cry. “The doctors told us what cause that seizure. Why did you take those pills?” he said while grabbing Julie’s hand. It was silence until the dam broke. Julie broke down and told her parents the emotions she experienced every day of her life, the reasons why she felt unwanted or needed, the neglect she gained from others, and jealousy she felt for others. The more she confessed, the light the world felt on her shoulders. “I am sorry,” she repeated like a mantra with a pain more agonizing than every other time she felt lonely. Her parents just sat beside the bed, listening to her disclosure. After she was done, it was a silence couple of minutes until her father spoke up. “You are never alone. I am sorry you went through that pain all this time,” he said as he rubbed her hand. “It is okay, hon. We love you, no matter what. You are a very special person in our lives,” her mother said. “Your father and I are sorry we were not support, but you do not need to take people’s comments into heart. If they have a problem understanding what a magnificent person you are, that is their fault,” her mother
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