Julie Of The Wolves Banned

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Why Julie of the Wolves Should not be Banned Kyraanne R Gonzalez South Umpqua High School Why Julie of the Wolves should not be banned In Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George a young Eskimo girl named Miyax, runs away from her husband Daniel in Barrow, Alaska, and then she finds herself in a harsh journey. She is now lost and stranded in the Arctic tundra. When she comes across a pack of wolves she hopes that they could help her get access to food. Hunting season came around, and Miyax passes by a local hunter who tells her that her father is still alive. She then travels to her father’s village to find him. She then discovers that her dad is no longer living by the Eskimo ways, she leaves with her pet bird. Once her bird, Tornait, dies from the cold, she decides to return to her father because she no longer had hope that she could survive on her own. Despite the debate about Julie of the Wolves being banned from certain age groups because there is some adult themes, it should not be banned since it is not the focus point. The only questionable content of this book would be that Daniel (her husband) is believed to make Miyax have sex with him since his friends were making fun of him for not doing anything with her sexually. Although this definitely should not be in a children’s book, the author…show more content…
Although some readers believe it to have inappropriate content, the author did not mean for it to sounds vulgar in any way. This book has been banned from certain age groups because of the content in the book. The Author has said that her book did not contain any content bad enough to be banned. Julie of the Wolves is just about a young Eskimo girl who runs away from her aunts and then finds her father that is the focus
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