Julie Steenhoek V. Jeannette Police Case

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Describe the case in detail
In June 2016, the Adult Protective Service reported a case of elderly abuse to the Lafayette police after a family called them to report that their mother was a victim of abuse. Julie Steenhoek, a 53 years old, was accused of financial abuse to a woman with health problems. The victim was Lavinia Reno, a 79-year-old woman. The police found that Julie was living in the house of the victim after she has gained the victim’s trust. Once Julie and her family moved into the house, the family members of the victim noticed that Julie did not allow the victim to communicate with her family or neighbors. The police also discovered that Julie was in the victim’s will and she was trying to sell old woman’s house. The investigators
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In late June, the bank accounts were frozen and the selling of house was stopped. Julie Steenhoek was charged with a felony count of at risk exploitation. At the end of December, this case was dismissed without prejudice by the district attorney’s office. The dismissal form stated that “the victim is deceased, and the defendant has renounced any right to inherit under the terms of the victim’s trusts and/or estate. In these circumstances, the People felt that it is in the interests of justice to dismiss the case without prejudice” (CBS4). The family members commented to CBS4 News that Frank was financial abuse by Steenhoek and they did not agree with the outcome of the case. Daughter’s victim believed that Julie took at least half a million dollars. The CBS4 tried to contact with the Boulder County Courthouse regarding why the case was dismissed, but there…show more content…
The health care institution was not involved in this case. However, the health care institution should be involved in the case since Lavinia Reno had health problems. Therefore, I suppose that she needs medication as a result the health care institution should be involved because I imaged that there were times where Reno was not receiving her medication.

Clearly identify the perpetrator and describe the circumstances leading to the abuse of the elder (risk factors)
The perpetrator was Julie Steenhoek, a 53 years old.
Factors leading to the abuse includes gender, lack of caregiving experience, physical health, dependency, social isolation of caregivers, and health problems.
The victim was an old woman of 79 years old.
The perpetrator did not have experience as a caregiver.
Lavinia Reno allowed Julie to manage her bank account as a result Reno was dependent on Julie.
Julie did not allow any connection between Lavinia and her family (isolation by the caregiver).
Lavinia had health problems would have made her more vulnerable to be

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