Juliet Dramatic Patterns

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Rise of One at the Expense of Another, Contrasting Worlds, and Supernatural reflect the three most common dramatic patterns used throughout Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. These dramatic patterns are the building blocks of how the drama manages to keep the reader’s attention and continue to keep them on the edge of their seat. Rise of One at the Expense of Another is a very common dramatic pattern used throughout the drama that keeps the reader very interested and wanting to guess what is happening next. One example of how this dramatic pattern is used is when Lady Capulet and the Nurse try to convince Juliet to marry Paris (Act1.Scene3.Lines 65-96). This pattern reveals to the readers the true motives of the people surrounding…show more content…
This pattern gives the reader a little insight to how things were during the time period of the play, helps the reader set the setting, and lets the readers get to know the characters better. One example of contrasting worlds is when the Nurse tells the very embarrassing dirty story about Juliet when she was a child (1.3.50-57). During this moment, there is few dialogue from Lady Capulet, but when there is you can tell she is extremely uncomfortable because this is not something women with class would discuss openly at any given time. This shows the readers the upbringing of the Nurse versus Lady Capulet. Contrasting Worlds continues in Act 1 when the readers get to see the servants own conversation about placing the good food towards the back so eventually they could eat it (1.5.1-14). This pattern is included in this scene just to baffle the audience, and also shows how anyone of higher classes viewed the servants as sneaky and evil simply because many people treated the servants without respect and this is how they would get their vengeance. Lastly, Contrasting Worlds is displayed when the Nurse takes money from Romeo to be quiet about their situation and hide it from Juliet (page 810, 171-174). If the Nurse was making more money and wasn’t only a servant, she would not have been as easily convinced to take the money from Romeo because she’d have her own and it would be of no
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