Juliet: The Struggle Between Romeo And Juliet

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It was a hot day as usual when Tybalt went looking for young Romeo. Instead, Tybalt stumbled upon the loitering Benvolio and Mercutio in the plaza. Benvolio was later described as trying to avoid a confrontation, but with tempers flaring under the heat, Mercutio deliberately provoked Tybalt and tried to lure him into a fight. Romeo then appeared in the plaza and was insulted by Tybalt but refused to fight back because he was related to him through his marriage with Juliet. Mercutio, dumbfounded upon why Romeo didn’t fight back, drew his sword on Tybalt on Romeo’s behalf. In an attempt to break up the fight, Romeo stepped between them. In a result from this, Merutio’s view was blocked, and Tybalt was able to stab Mercutio under Romeo’s arm.
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