Romeo And Juliet Balcony Scene

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In a far away land lived two tribes, the Carnivores and the Vegans. Romeo is the heir to the Carnivore’s throne. He wears bear furs and dog tails with red greasy dreadlocks. Juliet is the daughter of the opposing tribe. She has pierced nose, caramel brown skin and watermelon bras. The Vegans has sheltered and fed animals on their farm for hundreds of years. However, the Carnivores steal these animals from the Vegan’s farm when they’re out of stock. This caused the Vegans to resent all Carnivores, which led to both tribes’ quarrel. Romeo and Juliet met on the farm and has been in love ever since. The balcony scene takes place in a treehouse, where Romeo watches Juliet behind a cow. Romeo What’s that light over there? Juliet enters on the balcony.…show more content…
She looks as sexy as a chicken leg, real thick she is. Oh Juliet, your beautiful brown crusts amps up my beefy flavour which provides a perfect crispy contrast to our tender love. You are the perfect example of good quality beef that i wish to have. Juliet Oh, my! Romeo She speaks! Oh speak again my chicken pot pie! You shine above me like a well-done steak who put medium rare’s to shame. Juliet (not knowing Romeo hears her) O Romeo, Romeo! Why must you be a Carnivore? Pity on the lives of those poor animals and become Vegan. If not, i’m willing to compromise. I have never met anyone like you, as cliché as it sounds, you’ve brought back life into me that I thought was dead. Just swear you love me and i’ll try some grilled meat. Romeo (to himself) Should i listen for more? Or should i speak now? Juliet (still not knowing Romeo hears her) It’s just the meat that i hate. You’d still be yourself even if you stopped being a meat-lover. What’s a Carnivore anyway? Isn’t an Omnivore, Vegetarian and a Vegan all just a label? The thing we call food would still be eaten even if we called it by any other name. Romeo, lose that title and take all of me in exchange.

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