Juliet's Close Bonds Between Romeo And Juliet

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The play spotlights certain character’s close bonds between each other. The Nurse and Juliet are like relatives, but they are not blood related. Since the Nurse’s daughter died at a young age, she treats Juliet as a daughter and has been with Juliet to breast feed her. The Nurse is like another mother to Juliet. Juliet has conversations with the Nurse which she would not discuss with her mother, Lady Capulet. On the other hand, Juliet has a romance with Romeo, they kissed, and they still fell in love even though they figured out their families were enemies. Romeo is a Montague, Juliet is a Capulet, and their families have hated each other for years. They do not let their last names stop them, and Friar Laurence, a priest Romeo is close to,
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