Romeo And Juliet Maturity Analysis

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Juliet is a very young girl; however, she shoulders a great deal of responsibility and manages a series of very difficult situations. Discuss Juliet 's maturity level; how has she changed? When did she change? Why did those changes occur? This is a hard question. In order to be able to give a solid answer to this question, there are few things which need clarification. First of all we need to set the bounds around the meaning of “maturity”. Two kinds of maturity exist: Biological maturity and Psychological maturity. Biological maturity is about the physical age of an individual, psychological maturity is about the maturity of the mind of said individual. As the timespan covered in Romeo & Juliet is not that long, so I’ll focus on psychological maturity.…show more content…
It is safe to say that the both of them were made mad by lovesickness, based on the way they acted. Crying about and lamenting their fates, sobbing helplessly. After the nurse and Friar Lawrence arranged a meeting the both of them reach a somewhat clearer state of mind, getting better to the point that they can both continue their love-talk. Romeo eventually has to leave, as dawn breaks and Juliet’s mother comes looking for her. At this point, Juliet still hasn’t told her mother that she loves Romeo, leave alone that she actually married him already. Lady Capulet believes that Juliet cries because of the death of Tybalt. This shows the partial maturity of Juliet. A mature person would have confronted lady Capulet with their true feelings on the matter. When lady Capulet tells Juliet that Juliet is to marry Paris on Thursday, she tries to change it by saying that she can’t properly marry him, as Paris has not even courted her. After an argument, she still stands with her marriage with Romeo, even though the nurse advised her to just accept it and marry
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