Romeo And Juliet Relationship Analysis

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Smith 1 Dionie Smith Mrs. Wild English H 21 March 2018 Romeo and Juliet Act III Essay The relationship between Juliet and the nurse changes immensely in Act III Scene V. Up to Act III, their relationship was very close and the nurse always looked out for Juliet and was on her side for most things. But in Act III, all of this changes. The nurse has her own opinion about Romeo and what Juliet should do on account of her marrying Paris or not. Juliet says that she would rather die than marry Paris and confronts her father about her resentment towards the idea. The nurse, who up to now, had predominantly been on Juliet’s…show more content…
O most wicked fiend!” This is what Juliet calls nurse once the nurse has expressed her opinion on the matter of if Juliet should marry Paris or not. This shows us that the good relationship between the nurse and Juliet has now demolished. There is a passage in act III, from lines 246 to 250, that conveys the end of the relationship between the nurse and Juliet and paraphrased, it goes like this: ‘That damn old lady! Oh, that most evil devil! Is it a worse sin for her to want me to break my vows or for her to say bad things about my husband after she praised him many times before? Away with you and your advice, nurse. From now on, I will never tell you what I truly feel. I’ll go to the friar and hear his solution. If everything else fails, at least have the power to take my own life.’ This shows the audience that Juliet is done with the nurse, and now she looks at Friar Laurence for advice. Juliet also foreshadows her own death in a way because she said she has the power to take her own…show more content…
The nurse went to learn Romeo’s name, she went to meet Romeo so that she could settle a wedding date for Juliet, she defended Juliet against her own employers and she risked her job for Juliet. That sweet relationship between the nurse and Juliet diminishes when the nurse expresses her feelings about Juliet’s unfortunate situation. Another unfortunate truth is that Juliet and the nurse will never get to make amends with each other because Juliet dies before either one of them gets
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