Juliet's Suffering In The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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“Come weep with me, past hope, past care, past help.” -Juliet (IV.i.46) In this tragic love story, Juliet’s suffering is inarguably greater than Romeo’s. Juliet is highly distraught because of her parents’ discussion of an arranged marriage with County Paris, her acquaintance and immediate love relationship with a Montague enemy, and because she is a female living during a time period where she has little control over her future. Juliet’s connections to the County Paris show a conflict not only between husbands, but also throughout the Capulet family. In addition, Juliet’s household has an explicit hatred towards the house of Montagues, including Romeo. Furthermore, Juliet is a young girl, leaving her with little power over her own judgements or future plans. In summary, throughout the tragedy, Juliet’s struggling surpasses that of Romeo’s because of her constructed…show more content…
Juliet has fallen in love with Romeo, who is from the family feuding against her’s, so she knows she will never gain her parent’s approval. When Romeo enters the house of Capulet for a party, he is recognized and his attendance is disrespected when Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, interjects, “It fits when such a villain is a guest. // I’ll not endure him.” (I.v. 84-85) which is said simply because Romeo is a Montague. After Juliet marries Romeo in secret, he is soon banished from Verona for killing her cousin, Tybalt. This results in the couple’s distance and her family’s strong anger towards Romeo. The family ties between Juliet and Tybalt muddy the clear view of love between Juliet and Romeo. Consequently, the Capulets begin to refer to Romeo as “...the villain lives which slaughtered him” (III.v.83). This open disapproval of Romeo from her restricting parents leads to the need for a more concealed relationship from Juliet. For this reason, Juliet’s suffering is greater than Romeo’s in the
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