Julio High School Case Study

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Julio graduated from Pasco High School in 2006 with a diploma. He has always enjoyed school, received good marks, and was in excelled classes up to middle school until he began to “slack a little bit” when he would skip class, but his family and teachers helped him understand the importance of being responsible and on time. These are values he wants to instill in his children along with being respectful to teachers. Julio really enjoys studying and taking things apart to see how they work. He also enjoys reading manuals to see if there are any secrets or tips in there. When he talks about helping children learn he is very child focused. Saying “whatever way is easiest for them” to learn is how he would help them and if they had a disability or challenges then finding an accommodation would be his prerogative. Julio does…show more content…
In 2009, she received her AA from Columbia Basin College. Following that she obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Heritage University in 2011. Currently, she is finishing her Master’s degree from Walden University which will be completed this year. Kristin believes that through giving children support and setting high expectations and standards they can achieve their goals. Personally, she encourages students by giving everyone opportunities for success. Kristin helps children learn through figuring out where they are at, targeting achievable goals, coming up with strategies to meet those goals, and practicing until they meet them. This model would be similar for a child with a disability, except the goals would be broken up into smaller more achievable goals. Her personal approach to learning is “All out, go get it!”. This no holds barred approach always starts with research and helps her stay focused and on track. Kristin has tutored within the home and is a teacher by profession, but does not intend on homeschooling her children or a child placed within the
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