Julio Noboa Planco Identity Poem Analysis

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In a poem it is very good to use different types of figurative language in the poem. These ideas are clearly seen in the poem”Identity” by Julio Noboa Polanco, talks about how it is good to be unique ,and yourself. Even if people dislike you or treat you with disrespect. In “Identity”Polanco uses the literary devices of simile, alliteration, and repetition. The poem that Polanco wote is about being unique and yourself is a good thing. One of the literary devices that Polanco uses is alliteration. For example in polanco’s poem is in line number eight, “Surface of stone”. This means doing the impossible for a change of freedom. Being yourself requires strength. Another example is, in line number four in Polanco’s poem “Clinging on cliffs”. In other protected, but words, he would rather be free. Being yourself means being free like a eagle. In conclusion, one of …show more content…

One of the examples is in lines four and twenty-two saying, “I’d rather” uses repetition. This quote shows how he strongly feels about not doing/saying things because others want you to. A second piece of evidence is in line numbers thirteen, fourteen, four, and twenty-two telling “I’d rather be a tall ugly weed”. The quote means yourself. Julio rather be himself even though others do not like them. Being yourself is the most important thing. All in all, repetition is the main transition used in Polanco’s poem. These quotes show, how if you do or say something just because someone told you to do, does not make you feel free. Being yourself is better even though people don’t like you. In the end, the poem “Identity” by Julio Noboa Polanco talks about how it’s good to be unique, to be yourself. Julio Noboa Polanco uses the literary devices of alliteration, simile, and repetition. I think the message of the poem reflects certain things that happen in life. Like people can be someone but not

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