Julio Noboa Polanco Poem

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Living in a society today makes it hard for many teens and kids our age. We all struggle and stress about this one thing, being unique or different. This is such a huge thing now because they’re are so much people out there who are willing to go to every extent to try be unique, or there are people out there who would go to every extent to just satisfy people. We all struggle with this one problem but yet no one really cares talks about it. In this essay I will be analyzing the poet Julio Noboa Polanco with his poem “identity”, how different he is to other poets, and lastly how he used his poetic elements with his poem. Though, Julio only made one poem, but with that one poem, it shows so many about his writing and literature skills. From reading all these poet’s work, it was very hard to choose which one to analyze. But for some reason Julio Noboa Polanco stood out more. In his poem “Identity” talks about…show more content…
Even though he only wrote “Identity” this poem shows so many from just reading this. When reading this poem automatically could tell how much feeling was behind this, not knowing what he has gone through. He used a situation that was all around and such a huge issue that is important to the society today. Also using an issue and putting it into a totally different story, but with the same meaning. For example, in his poem, it states “I'd rather smell of musty, green stench than of sweet, fragrant lilac. If I could stand alone, strong and free, I'd rather be a tall, ugly weed.” but in other words, this means “I would rather be unattractive and ugly, than pretty. If I could be alone happy and free I’d rather be ugly and unattractive”. Instead of just telling a straight up poem he used other ways to say it, like using flowers and people. Overall Julio’s poems are very different compared to other poet’s work. It shows there was a deep feeling behind his poem, but still putting it in other
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