Julius Caesar: An Effective Speech

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Over the course of time the world has diffused amongst cultures and the amount of languages vary; however, the methods of persuasion seem to be a continuity. From the colonization distribution of land to passing a law in the modern era. The purpose of motivating a group of individuals to perform an action, whether it be good or bad, is to change. Being an effective speaker changes and creates a profound impact on its audience. The important continual factors to creating effective speeches are emotional, logical, and credible reasoning. Brutus and Antony from The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Mike Mansfield, Majority Leader of the United States Senate, are only a few of many people who used these factors to help their effectiveness of their speeches. It is crucial for a person to give an effective speech that persuades the audience to believe or agree with what he or she is discussing.
In the play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Brutus gives the first speech at Julius Caesar’s funeral and is a prime example of a person who uses the important factors that are needed to produce an effective speech. His motivation behind his speech is to convince the crowd of the valid reasons of why he took part in Caesar’s murder. Brutus’s approach includes logic and reasoning using logos, ethos, and pathos. He uses logos throughout his entire speech and uses ethos to show he is a credible source when talking about his friendship with Caesar. Lastly, he uses pathos to stir
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