Julius Caesar And Mark Antony And Cleopatra's Hunger For Power

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Due to her hunger for power, Cleopatra manipulated two influential Roman leaders, Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, which ultimately lead to their demise. Beginning with a powerful family, but later had her power diminished, Cleopatra continued with an addiction for power, so she used her mastery in seduction to persuade Roman leaders to recover her power and throne in Egypt. However, the overall outcome of Cleopatra’s romantic relationship with the Roman leaders left the people of Rome on edge. This resulted in the murder of Julius Caesar and the unfortunate suicide of Mark Antony. Born within a family with great political power, 18 year old Cleopatra and her 10 year old brother, Ptolemy VIII, became co-regent leaders after of their father’s death in 51 B.C. According to BBC (2014) It was tradition for Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy VIII, to get married (BBC 2014). The death of her father and marriage of her brother immediately raised her high to power. However Cleopatra’s love and selfishness for power drew her brother to her exiled, withdrawing her power in Egypt. That Lead her to establish her own army along with her sister, who claiming the throne in Syria. Further complications caused Egypt to partake in a civil war. Shortly after, Cleopatra’s brother felt he needed help from the Roman Empire to fulling solidify his place as the leader of Egypt. Ptolemy did so by delivering Pompey’s decapitated head to Julius Caesar. Although Julius Caesar and Pompey rivaled each

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