Julius Caesar And Palpatine Comparison

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Unexpected similarities can be made between the past and modern day culture. Ancient Rome was a powerful Republic and Empire at its time. It’s borders stretched all the way to the Indus River and throughout the Middle East. Its strong military kept anyone from invading until its fall. George Lucas’ world of Star Wars is often compared to the Roman Empire. This is particularly seen in Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith during several instances. Many figures in Roman history and Star Wars play similar roles and moments form the movie were taken directly from history. These similarities are specifically seen between Padmé and Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Chancellor Palpatine, and between the transition from Republic to Empire.
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Julius Caesar was a powerful dictator supported by a strong army behind him. He went to war against Pompey and won using his strong military to force his dictatorship. Chancellor Palpatine also had power and eventually became a single ruler after he wiped out most of the Jedi Council. He took control of the Clones and used them to enforce his rule similar to Julius Caesar. Both leaders extended their rule for much longer than they should have and were very ambitious. In the end, both leaders made notable impacts on their…show more content…
In Rome, when Augustus got rid of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, he established his role in the Republic, but due to his popularity he was named imperator by the Senate. This shifted Rome into an Empire. George Lucas takes this idea directly from Roman history and applies it in Star Wars. Once Palpatine took control in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith he renames the nation into the Galactic Empire. This is a clear relation between the Star Wars world and Rome because these great nations were powerful and after a struggle of power they eventually became
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