Julius Caesar Betrayal Analysis

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In the plays Antigone by Sophocles and The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare there are several betrayals that take place throughout the play. These betrayals are big turning points in these plays. What kind of betrayal that is going to take place depends completely on the person’s intention. For example, in Antigone, in Antigone goes to bury Polyneices she is betraying King Creon and his law he put into place, but this was a good thing because she was doing what was right and the gods wanted. Another example is in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar when Brutus joins the conspirators in killing Caesar, he betrayed Caesar for the good of the Republic of Rome. Those were examples of good betrayal, but their are also bad betrayals that were very uncalled for. Part of the reason why…show more content…
One example that helps lead up to Brutus’s betrayal of Caesar in the play is “ Why are they shouting? “I’m afraid the people have made Caesar their king (Brutus)… I have to assume you don’t want him to be king.(Cassius)... I don’t, Cassius, though I love Caesar very much… If it’s for the good of all Romans, I’d do it even if it meant my death. Brutus(1.2.85-89.).” This quote shows that Brutus is considering betraying his best friend. Then later in act two Brutus says “The only way is to kill Caesar. I have no personal reason to strike at him—only the best interest of the people.”(2.1.10) which shows that he has given in and is agreeing to kill Caesar for Rome. Once Brutus betrays his dear friend Caesar it causes all kinds of turmoil in Rome. One example of the turmoil it cause in Rome was it started a war between the conspirators and their followers and Antony and Octavius and his followers. This play just goes to show that your actions can cause a chain reaction because in the end both Brutus and Antony ended up dieing all because they killed Caesar in the beginning of the play and they had lost the
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